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Iskui Abalyan and Friends. Project Another Life

Iskui Abalyan, an Armenian-origin singer, is truly an acclaimed artist from the Republic of Belarus. She earned this acclaim through the love of her audience and viewers. Over the course of 28 years on stage, she has become a recipient of numerous awards, including the ‘Audience Sympathy Award,’ ‘Song of the Year,’ and ‘Duet of the Year.’ Iskuhi has performed in several hundred concerts and festivals, touring the entire country with solo performances. She has also taken on the role of a producer for her significant projects, supporting young performers and contemporary Belarusian culture.

J:МОРС is a well-known Belarusian band that has been awarded titles such as ‘Album of the Year,’ ‘Group of the Year,’ ‘Rock Release of the Year,’ and ‘Best-Selling Album of the Year.’ Over 20 years on stage, the band has become a symbol of Belarusian rock music, and their songs consistently rank high on streaming platforms’ charts.

Yury Seleznov is a multifaceted musician with a unique vocal tone and unforgettable performance style. He has collaborated with Eurovision artistic collectives on multiple occasions, and his original material has won the hearts of both audiences and listeners.

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