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Folk-group Chveneburebi and the Georgian ballet Lelo /soloist Givi Kbiashvili/

Two days of the Festival, in Riga and Liepaja, will be held to the tunes of Georgian melodies – the audience will enjoy the opportunity to immerse into the flashy folk colour of Georgia, meet the temper and traditions of folk music, song and dance. These concerts are interesting because spectators will see a joint project of two folk ensembles: the folk-group “Chveneburebi” and the ballet “Lelo”, which will demonstrate musical folklore and folk dances in the chain of dance and vocal and instrumental performances on stage.

Members of the folk group “Chveneburebi” (Georg. “our folks”) come from different parts of Georgia that helps them to keep the village tradition and manner of singing. Except singing, each member of the group can dance and play various Georgian folk instruments. “Chveneburebi” successfully goes on tours to different countries of Europe and Asia. Their repertoire consists of two concert programs: Pure Georgian folk and ethno-musical compositions composed by the group (additionally including the standard drum, keyboard and bass guitar).

Another participant of the musical project is already known to the Riga audience – it is the Georgian ballet “Lelo” and its soloist Givi Kbilashvili. The concert by the ballet was given in Riga this spring, and met a very warm welcome. The audience was delighted about their musical performance, and awarded with long applause.

We are going to continue to introduce the ballet “Lelo”, with a cast selected specially to perform in the joint project of two Georgian folk ensembles.

The new program features dances of various genres, social groups and country regions, as well as modern dance pieces, filled with folk spirit and charisma. Each of them is performed in the costumes, sewn based on the folk clothing patterns of certain regions.

Georgian folk music and dances strike with their ingenuity and brightness, dynamics, incredible flame and figures. History and art are entwined closely in them, thus opening the very soul of the people of Georgia. Richness of nature and daily life gave ground to development of ingenuous, varying folk dances in different corners of the country throughout the centuries, and the manner of their performance was handed down from generation to generation. Artists from Georgia astonish spectators around the world with amazingly spectacular choreography, whirlpool rotations and tremendous vaults, energy and tenderness of melodies, dazzling vocal pieces, which fill the stage with special atmosphere.