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KNIFS? Festival

"Give summer a Knifs!" - is the slogan of a new festival, the brainchild of musician Igo. On 1 and 2 July, at the height of summer, Bauska residents and visitors are invited to enjoy proven musical values on two stages at the ambitious festival "Knifs?" Bauska Pilskalns Park Stage.

The two-day summer festival will bring visitors to the Bauska Castle Hill Park Stage a variety of musical styles: from lyrical and wistful blues melodies, virtuoso jazz gems and ethno sounds to exciting rock masterpieces, offering guests a wide-ranging, sophisticated programme for the most demanding music lovers.

The summer festival will bring the joy of togetherness in open-air concerts to "Knifs?" will be created by renowned talents with strong stage charisma - rock greats with unchanging values "Livni", popular bands from different genres "Big Al & The Jokers", "Dakota", "Ducele", "Inokenti Marples", as well as "The Hobos & Ralfs Eilands" and many others.

Special musical surprises after midnight will be provided by "u.t.t." Juris Kristons, Egons Kronbergs, Mārtiņš Burkevics and Vilnis Krieviņš will entertain the singing and dancing festival-goers in the best traditions.

For guitar music connoisseurs, the names of Aivars Hermanis, Vyacheslavs Mitrohins and Mārcis Auzīņš are a guarantee of highly professional and varied, nuanced programmes that are different every time, adapting to the environment and the audience.

"Katrīna Gupalo and Smukais Lībietis will be an emotionally intense concert, interweaving world-famous songs with original compositions by the musicians Katrīna Gupalo, the singer and pianist, and the masterful guitarists Rihards Lībietis and Gints Smukais.

Two timbral instruments, different in timbre, yet equal in power, variety of colours and nuance, organ and guitar, performed by two virtuosos Ilona Birģele and Armands Alkšņš. The festival programme will be enriched by a concert "Invisible Presence" in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit in Bauska for donations to support Ukraine.

This year, the focus of the festival is on the guitar - the observant viewer will see both the conditioned strings and the body of the guitar in the logo, as well as the name of the event itself, which is derived from the word "knif", often used by musicians.

The festival "Knifs?" - proven musical values for the most demanding music lovers!
1 July (Friday)
OJA Trio
Ivars Pētersons
Big Al & The Jokers
Dakota and friends
Katrina Diamond
"Tarkšķu" mandolinists
Eazy Riders
Ivars Pētersons