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Balta Nakts /White Night/

The modern culture forum White Night 2019 in Riga is scheduled for the night of 7 September and 8 September, offering more than40 various contemporary art and cultural events in Riga.

For the thirteenth time, White Night has become a welcome and integral part of Riga’s cultural calendar and takes place at the beginning of September each year. The White Night programme will include 20 culture and art projects, including concerts, installations and performances in an urban environment, exhibitions, multimedia projects, poetry readings and movie programmes. More than 20 initiative projects will add up to the programme organised by art galleries, cafes, art and culture studies and other active inhabitants of Riga and likeminded people.

All White Night events can be attended free of charge and are hosted in different parts of the city. The most active locations this year are in and near the Old Town, Miera street, the active centre of Riga as well as the left bank of River Daugava.

White Night is a modern urban culture forum – one night a year locals and tourists are invited to enjoy a vigil creativity aimed to change their perception of environment and cultural life. This is a chance to purposefully experience something extraordinary and be involved in various activities offered by artists. White Night tradition was started in 2002 in Paris and it spread like a positive epidemic to Brussels, Rome and Madrid, with Riga as one of the early adopters too. Later on, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Porto and Valetta joined the White Night movement in Europe, while Toronto, Tokyo, Montreal and other cities joined it globally.

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