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Live rock music, classical ballet mixed with contemporary dance, aerial acrobat, specially designed costumes, colourful light show and video backdrop: "ROCK-a-RELLA" is an amazing emotion-filled contemporary dance performance that makes you believe in a fairy tale!

Coming from the depths of our childhood, the Cinderella fairy tale comes to life here and now: a wealthy young man who dreams of a rock star career falls in love with a waitress. Despite a few complications, there is love and happiness in the end!

The team:
Choreography and direction by Marija Goltsmane
Composers: Markus Robam, Mehis Saaber, Sashko Petroff
Visuals by Kulli Mariste
Costumes: Kirke Talu
Lighting by Alexander Platunov
Sound Engineer: Evgeny Berezovsky

On stage: Sandra Yves, Mehiss Zaber, Hayley Paras, Mart Agu, Lisa Margaret Carr, Aleksandra Kuznetsova, Alexei Zotovich, Polina Albert, Caroline Hunt, Olga Grishina, Vlada Shotter, Annalisa Lipa, Lana Levin, Anna Sofia Supina

Musicians on stage: Mehis Zaber (electric guitar), Alexey Zotovich (bass guitar), Eva-Maria Kangro (saxophone), Sashko Petrof (saxophone), Mart Agu (percussion)