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The excursion performance Wonderers in the circus building is a site-specific audience-involving show to be experienced individually assisted by an audio guide. The show has been created by the theatre troupe KVADRIFRONS in partnership with the Riga Circus.

During the excursion performance, the circus building will tell its life story, introducing you to the amazing circus artists and events that have taken place over its 130 year-long history. This time, you will be allowed to uncover the secrets and look inside the rooms behind the curtain where magic is being shaped and prepared for the arena: joy, energy, blood, sweat and tears, and great responsibility, fear, concentration and excitement – you will experience all these feelings and emotions during the vivacious expedition to the heart of the circus.

The circus has always been a favoured place of entertainment both for adults and children. Horses and wild animal tamers, athletes, clowns, acrobats and many other outstanding artists have performed there. The first cinema movie in Riga was shown in the circus. There were strange instruments played and marvels from all over the world shown. The old circus building bears witness to different epochs and it has played an important part in lives of numerous people. That is the reason why during the creation of the performance, in the 130th anniversary year of the Riga Circus, KVADRIFRONS has researched archives and interviewed former circus employees, to produce an event where historical facts interchange with outbursts of artistic fantasy.

The sound scenery for the performance was created by composer Jēkabs Nīmanis. The historic building has been interpreted and seen from different perspectives by artists Jānis Sniķers, Austra Hauks and Rūdolfs Baltiņš.

Creative team:
Concept and implementation: KVADRIFRONS
Research, texts: Lauma Vītola
Sound: Jēkabs Nīmanis
Lighting artist and technical support: Jānis Sniķers
Scenographers: Austra Hauks, Rūdolfs Baltiņš
Co-producers: KVADRIFRONS and VSIA “Rīgas cirks”
Project management: Rasa Feldmane, Lelde Prūse
Creative and technical support: Martins Ķibers, Kārlis Tone, Inese Tone, Jurģis Lūsis, Sabīne Alise Ozoliņa, Andris Zeļonka

More information at: www.cirks.lv and www.kvadrifrons.lv .