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For the First time in Latvia!
Disney's New Year's gift, the famous animated show 'Frozen' at Arena Riga!

On December 30th, Disney, a global leader in the entertainment industry, invites all residents and guests of Latvia to a unique family celebration at Arena Riga! On the eve of the New Year, Arena Riga will become a meeting place for both young and adult fans of Disney's animated film 'Frozen'.

This celebration promises a lot of fun and unforgettable experiences. Disney's 'Frozen' show will open its doors two hours before the event starts, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere and magic. There will be entertainment and surprises prepared for them: participating in fun contests, receiving gifts, visiting a New Year's fair of sweets and toys, taking photos with beloved characters, and much more. Special attention will be given to true fans, who can meet the cheerful reindeer Sven, one of the bright characters from the beloved animated film.

However, the most spectacular gift will undoubtedly be the screening of the famous 'Frozen' movie on the country's largest screen, featuring incredible special effects and the musical accompaniment of a grand orchestra comprising 70 musicians and vocalists. This year marks the 10th anniversary of 'Frozen,' coinciding with another significant milestone—the 100th anniversary of Disney Studios. Such a dual celebration simply couldn't go unnoticed...

Don't miss the chance to be part of this magic! Join us for an event that will create long-lasting memories for your entire family!"

The film "Frozen" was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Snow Queen," but adapted for a modern audience and contemporary realities. The main characters of the story are Princess Anna, her faithful companion Kristoff, and the reindeer Sven, who set out in search of Anna's older sister, Elsa, who has cast an icy spell over the land. Along the way, they encounter mystical trolls, meet the charming snowman named Olaf, traverse mountain peaks taller than Everest, and discover magic in every snowflake. "Frozen" instantly became a box office leader, and many critics hailed it as the best Disney animated film of the 2000s. The film received numerous awards, including two Oscars, and the famous song "Let it Go," has become a timeless hit..

The grand show "Frozen," which the audience will be able to see at Arēna Rīga on December 30th, will immerse you in the magic of Disney's characters and allow you to enjoy the magnificent music of the film. This will be an excellent gift for both young and old viewers on the eve of the New Year's holiday. Prepare for a new and unforgettable adventure.