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Colour is the sum of feelings, ABC-book of associations. White is just light, colour is a subjective feeling that occurs in the human brain when light waves of a certain frequency are exposed to the eye.

Colour perception is very individual, subjective and variable.

Colour perception can be influenced by different conditions: geographic location, seasons, time of day, social cultural environment, political history…

Xavier Monclús
“The environment in which I find myself influenced can also be seen in my jewellery, my works. The colours are expressive and bright, they create special structures that can reveal to the viewer the world I have invented,” says the artist Xavier Monclús (Spain). “Menorca is an island I live in. In my works, colours and textures, a subtle transformation of the Menorca universe of the surrounding environment (bleached houses, Mars careers, gray cliffs), architecture and ecology can be seen.”

It is the colour that highlits the artwork, attracts focused attention. In works, the artist creates his/hers own colour environment, which in one way or another forms the human thoughts and feelings.

Valdis Brože | Sergejs Blinovs
Since ancient times enameling has been the only type of metal dyeing with long lasting effect. This technique is still popular in the form of nowadays contemporary jewellery. In order to achieve the required color tone, the enamel mass is added to the pigment before the heating – this allows to give the jewellery numerous variations of colour gamma and visually stunning effect without using gems. Latvian artist Valdis Brože and Sergejs Blinovs use enameling techniques in their work. That way, they play with colour intensity, compounding them in striking combinations.
Colour can be used both as a decorative and functional tool. The colour can emphasize the architectural nature of the object, highlighting or obscuring the details.

Heng Lee
The artist Heng Lee (Taiwan), designs his own jewellery design by focusing on flora and fauna. Heng Lee creates his own artwork by developing photographs in a mosaic, then with hand-sawing and metal laser cutter he works with the metal. Connecting precious metals with colorful embroidery.
Photo by Heng Lee Photo by Heng Lee Photo by Heng Lee The wearer of colourful jewellery can be highlited, emphasized, contrasted or calmed and harmonized with the outfit and the surrounding environment. A colourfull jewellery can be a great ally in communicating with the environment and with yourself.

Barbara Uderzo
Todays contemporary jewellery artists play successfully not only with materials, but also with colours, using them in their jewellery collections. Contemporary jewellery artist Barbara Uderzo (Italy) thinks that colours are the ones that most accurately reflect the artist’s feelings at the time of creation.