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“I write down what happens to me with a pencil, or sometimes – in ink. With lines, not words. A word is too specific – it has boundaries while a line flows freely. It has a completely different vibration. It has no nationality, no gender, no species, no skin colour. Untamed, it wanders the endless tunnels of existence between dreams and awakening, between this world and parallel ones. After all, why should we imagine that our universally accepted reality is the only one, and that we are the only living beings in the entire vast space of the Universe? Or that the theory of evolution taught in school is absolute. The world is a matrix of lines where everything is intertwined in unimaginable combinations; with each of your actions, thoughts, or movements you add another line that vibrates with the existing ones. Fragile beauty like that of a cobweb, or as mysterious as the unimaginable expanse of mycelium.

The secret of consciousness is yet to be deciphered. Just like no one knows where memory really resides. I do not think out the drawing, and when I draw, I don’t think about what I’m doing. I am in the drawing, and at the same time, I am the drawing. A fragment in a free stream that sketches moments. That which happens in the vibrational space at the moment of connection – here and now, in this and parallel worlds. I capture it through a drawing, thereby participating in the ongoing process of creating the world of which I am a part. The drawing is my meditation and point of connection – the doorway to the big secret.”

/Text – Una Meistere/

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