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UNDER Festival is a platform of both artists and performers – legends of electronic music, mentioned in the progressive music publications over the past years, as well as those not yet known to wider audience – newcomers to whom the Festival, in some ways, is their first big scene, marking their first steps into the great journey of life.

In 2019, urbanistic quarter in the center of Riga Autentika Art Space in the former Kimmel brewery built in 1850’s, have been chosen as the venue for the Festival. The historical heritage of Riga is a kind of reference point and the reason why the Festival began right here. Because essentially, the city of Riga is the pioneer of the electronic music movement – it is a place where the history of electronic music began to emerge; the gateway through which electronic music from the West flowed into the East.

As stated by the organizers, the mission of the Festival is to put Riga further on the map, making it an even more attractive place – a magnet for those who are interested in culture and art, not only from Latvia but also from all over the world, merging talented newcomers and the already existing international artists in a single festival platform by utilizing the universal language of communication – art and music.

UNDER Festival – is a 24 hour long musical adventure in an urbanistic facility in one of the most pleasant cities on the planet. The guests of the Festival will be welcomed by techno and house sets and performances in various styles of electronic music. There is no need to prepare for the Festival beforehand, and no need to prepare an outfit, or go too far; it is a part of the city, so simply mark your calendars for September 21 and visit Autentika Art Space to share energy, inspiration, and dance together. Let’s make Riga popular all over the world!

Autentika Art Space
Bruņinieku iela 2, Rīga