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Selecta: Alcemist (UK)

Keta Mine

Lewisham born Producer & DJ Alcemist has firmly established his work into UK musicculture.Through crafting his UK Garage & House influenced Drum and Bass records Alcemist has hada string of hits - including his recent galvanising piece “Stan Smith” with Coco, the soulfulyet electric number “Gone” and has recently put his unmistakably Alcemist spin on Bru-C’strack “Paradise”. These recent successes are backed by an expansive back catalogue whichshows the development of his sound.With track support spanning from the likes of Andy C, Hedex, Wilkinson, Aries, Voltage,Nicky Blackmarket, Jeremiah Asiamah, Sian Anderson and more it’s clear to see thatAlcemist’s music has made a mark on the UK music scene and will be influential for years tocome.You can tell an Alcemist DJ set from a mile off. He brings an eclectic tune selection to theparty, spanning all styles of Drum and Bass from old classics to proven crowd pleasers andnew unreleased material - it’s safe to say that his DJ sets get the crowd roaring!Moving forward Alcemist has huge forthcoming releases and remixes on major labels,working with legendary vocalists and producers - he intends to continue practicing his sonicalchemy for years to come!