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Ophism Night with Legowelt (LIVE), Beau Wanzer, Gaja

Laska V21 hosts an exciting, bold night of Ophism Records-extravaganza, the label known for genre-denying experiments that confront the conventions of today's electronic scene. Involving Ophism favorites — Legowelt and Beau Wanzer — plus its founder and mastermind, Gaja, the line-up includes premieres for the Riga scene only.

ARTISTS: - Legowelt | LIVE (NL) A true music legend – flesh and bone – he dares to criticize the electronic scene for being the most pathetic manifestation of humanity’s intellectual insufficiency… though he’s definitely proud to add on to it! He might prefer to live in Computerland, but his mission here isn’t fully accomplished. So we, lonesome and painfully ordinary people, get to gather on this magical night and witness the genius that is Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt.

- Beau Wanzer (US) You will fail if you try to call him a successor of any existing genre. His performances are definitely one of a kind because of their sheer unpredictability – wave, electro, industrial or techno, no one knows what else he’s got in store! The early-age synth music heritage is just fuel that makes Beau Wanzer a truly special part of the modern electronic scene. From London’s established jazz venue Cafe Oto to Neukölln’s outskirts to Chicago house music hotspots he brought the house down by taming unknown sonic grounds and playing with the borders of what the electronic scene was able to digest. This makes him one of Ophism’s main protagonists whose appearance in Europe is a treat for music snobs of all kinds.

- Gaja (IT) After establishing himself as the key figure of Berlin's relentless techno scene at one of its epicentres — Tresor — Gaja now represents the rough and chaotic side of contemporary dance music with his own production and releases via Ophism. His soundscapes are filled with distorted noise that replaces the once-familiar rhythms of drum kits, with all-permeating bass. Yet, there's beauty in this mess — sudden hints of harmonic overtones, skillful modulation and a keenness for experiments. Ophism deals in raw DIY-released sounds with over 30 articles in its back catalogue — including releases by Dj Speedsick, Domenico Crisci, Ascion and Dj Warzone among others. Though it’s just a glimpse into the label’s aesthetics which is most profoundly manifested during the relentless, kaleidoscopic live performances and DJ sets of its residents.

One of the rare opportunities to see them perform together is – 7th October, Laska V21.
General admission at the doors — 20 euro. Doors open at 23:00. Address: Riga, Vagonu iela 21.