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BALTRA (US, 96 & Forever Records, Local Action)

Born and raised in Philadelphia but currently based in New York, Baltra has spent the last decade honing a sound that’s rich both in romance and melancholy. And always with warm, nostalgic melodies.

Releasing his first music in parallel with the lo-fi house explosion of the mid-2010s alongside artists such as Mall Grab, Ross From Friends and DJ Seinfeld, Baltra racked up millions of plays across YouTube and key streaming services with definitive releases on Step Rec., IDNK (I Do Not Know), Tape Throb Records, Shall Not Fade’s sub-label Lost Palms, Of Paradise as well as his own 96 and Forever Records imprints.

Baltra has always had an unstoppable approach and attention to detail. In the first half of 2023, he returned with his 'Where I End' mixtape via 96 And Forever Records. The release garnered top-tier placement on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Amazon Music playlists. Additionally, he remixed tracks such as 'Gus Dapperton - Horizons' on Warner and 'DJ Q & Todd Edwards - Sweet Day' on Local Action.