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Amber Music presents: Daniel Stefanik

Amber Muse pres Daniel Stefanik (Cocoon, DE) on February 22 in club "One One" Sven Väth’s Cocoon, Mobilee, Freude Am Tanzen, Moon Harbour – these are just few respected labels where Daniel Stefanik has been releasing his music in the past decade.

Being an integral part of German techno and house scene since 2003, he collaborates with Matthias Tanzmann, Mathias Kaden, and works in two cities: Leipzig and Berlin. The core of Stefanik's career remains the same: “To make music, that is when you are in love.” He will come to play in Riga for the first time this Saturday, February 22, at Amber Muse guest night in club "One One". Line up: DANIEL STEFANIK (Cocoon, Moon Harbour / DE),

TARAN & LOMOV (Amber Muse) ZE IVARZZ Tickets pre-sale: €5
On door: €8,
IESN/RSU/ RISEBA students €5. Location: One One (Šarlotes str. 18a),
start: 23:59.
Support: Pepsi, Pm-Tm, Yakuza Sushi & Asian Fusion, TestPress.news, RadioNABA, KAS KUR KAD.