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Solo recital of pianist Denis Matsuev

Solo recital of pianist Denis Matsuev in the “Dzintari” Concert Hall.

His music is able to “touch every cell” of a person, it excites and inspires. The world-famous pianist Denis Matsuev with his incredible talent and virtuoso performance “immerses” the audience in unsurpassed musical melodies. Traditionally, this summer, on June 27, he will confess his love to the Jurmala audience in the “Dzintari” Concert Hall, beginning of the concert is at 19:30.

The audience of the best concert halls in the world admires the piano playing of Denis Matsuev. Each performance of the artist is crowned with success – a sold-out, a long applause, admiration, an encore and “vivid” emotions. And the world press rejoices, calling him the “Siberian Liszt” and “the genius of music”.

During the performance, Denis Matsuev “intertwines” with the piano, creating a unique musical tandem. The melodies come out emotionally complete, energetic, powerful and brilliant - everything is the way the performer feels it. This time the pianist will present to the audience a special concert program, which will include the best compositions.

Tickets for one of the highlight concerts of the season can be purchased at the box offices and on the “Bilesu Paradize” website.