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Singer Benjamin Appl (bariton) Simon Lepper (piano)

German Baritone Benjamin Appl has been called the best Lieder singer among the young generation of artists (Gramophone Magazine). He had the good fortune to study with the greatest 20th century master of this genre, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau; Appl was his last student. Appl is “a compelling storyteller, alive to the smallest flickers of humor or pathos in a text” (The Spectator). “The voice has a burnished, oaky beauty as well as considerable sweetness, while the interpretations are suffused with a gentle intelligence, an instinct for unforced but direct communication and what feels like a real love for the repertoire.” (Gramophone).

Appl, along with pianist Simon Lepper, will present Heimat (Homeland), a programme whose motifs come from the vocal chamber music of composers from various eras writing about their homeland, leaving to join the wide world, and the ensuing longing for their roots. About the circle of life which none of us can escape.

Concert programme:
Franz SCHUBERT Seligkeit (Hölty) D 433
Max REGER Des Kindes Gebet (Rafael) op 76 no 22
Franz SCHUBERT Freude der Kinderjahre (Leitner) D 455
Johannes BRAHMS Wiegenlied (Volkslied) op 49 no 4
Franz SCHUBERT Der Einsame (Lappe) D800
Johannes BRAHMS Mondnacht (Eichendorff) op 3 no 5
Franz SCHREKER Waldeinsamkeit (Arnold)
Johannes BRAHMSMein Mädel hat einen Rosenmund (Volkslied)
Richard STRAUSS Allerseelen (Gilm) op 10 no 8
Franz SCHUBERT Nachtstück (Mayrhofer) D672
Franz SCHUBERT Drang in die Ferne (Leitner) D 770
Franz SCHUBERT Der Wanderer an den Mond (Seidl) D870
Adolf STRAUSS Ich weiß bestimmt, ich wird’ dich wiedersehen (Hift)
Franz SCHUBERT Das Heimweh (Hell) D 456
Franz SCHUBERT Der Wanderer (Schmidt) D489
Francis POULENC Hyde Park (Apollinaire) FP 127 no 2
Banjamin BRITTEN Greensleeves (folk song)
Ralph VAUGHAN WILLIAMS Silent Noon (Rosetti)
Henry Rowley BISHOP Home, sweet home (Payne)
Peter WARLOCK My own country (Belloc)
Peter WARLOCK The Bachelor (Anonymous)
John IRELAND If there were dreams to sell (Beddoes)
Edvard GRIEG Sechs deutsche Lieder op 48

Ticket prices: 10 - 25 EUR