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Reinis Zariņš (piano, Latvia)

September 23, Wednesday 19.00
New Romantical programme

“Zarins’ embrace of the music’s monumentality and its intimacy was remarkable. Taking the 20-piece cycle (Messiaen’s Vingt Regards) in a single sweep and playing from memory, he riveted the attention: two hours that could easily have seemed interminable flew by, transcending time, and yet also making it stand still (..) He upped the contrasts in character, with wild ecstasy versus beatitude, and sharpened the sense of musical engineering – spider’s web filigree versus massive suspension bridges of sound (..) But most significant was his realisation of the rainbow gradations of tonal colour.” (Rian Evans, The Guardian)

“Zarins’ breadth of tone is so extensive that one has the impression that each set is played on a different piano.” (Raymond Beegle, ArkivMusic.com)

“Zarins’ performance of Petrushka is one of the most charming accounts of this work I have ever heard.” (Michael Church, BBC Music Magazine)
v “Particularly impressive was Zarins’ complete tonal range and his splendid voicing throughout. This was consistent pianism of a high order.” (James Palmer, MusicalOpinion.com)

“The superhuman difficulties of the piece (Stravinsky Petrushka) appeared almost incidental with Zarins focusing on creating a collection of vivid musical effects.” (Robert Beattie, Seen and Heard International)