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Operetta Theatre New Year concerts. La Belle Epoque

The sparklingly diverse world of festive feelings, a joyful palette of musical moods at the Operetta Theatre's New Year's concerts.

The concert will feature soloists:
opera diva Sonora Vaice (soprano)
Anta Jankovska (soprano/Italy)
Patrīcija Kozlovska (soprano/Alfreds Kalniņš Cēsis Music High School student)
Guntars Runģis (tenor)
Nauris Indzeris (baritone)
Rinalds Rozenlauks (oboe/NMV Emīls Dārziņš Music Secondary School student)
dancers: Egija Abaroviča and Reinis Rešetins
Symphony Orchestra of the Operetta Theatre conducted by Atvars Lakstīgala
Conferansje Agija Ozoliņa-Kozlovska

Paradoxical as it may sound, for many of us December is the brightest time of the year, when nature seems to fall into a deep slumber. Both the time and meaning of Christmas and the anticipation of the approaching New Year then give our thoughts a broader trajectory and a vertical of enlightenment. Music has always been the greatest psychotherapist and the most subtle companion of the soul. "La Belle Epoque, or the wonderful age, the age of splendour - this is the time when one is at one's best, the time when one wants to be - endeed this is music, and this is the time of music. And the music is here, and in it - we will all be together at the Operetta Theatre's New Year's concerts! Let's enjoy and celebrate!

This wonderfully colourful and varied programme will inspire and delight, soothe and sing. The concert will include the most beautiful operetta and opera music, Neapolitan songs and music from the cinema.

artistic director of the concert - Agija Ozoliņa-Kozlovska
choreographers - Egija Abaroviča and Reinis Rešetins
costume designer - Vita Radziņa
set designer - multimedia artist Ineta Sipunova