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New Year Gala

The New Year Gala concerts at the Latvian National Opera sparkle like champagne. Let’s celebrate together with the most enchanting opera melodies and musical stars!

The concert programme includes music by french composers as Camille Saint-Saëns, Charles Gounod, Jacques Offenbach and Georges Bizet, followed by popular melodies from the operettas by Johann Strauss Sr. and Johan Strauss Jr.

Soloists: Inga Šļubovska-Kancēviča, Julija Vasiljeva, Evija Martinsone, Marlēna Keine, Perrine Madoeuf, Dana Bramane, Laura Grecka, Ilona Bagele, Raimonds Bramanis, Mihails Čuļpajevs, Andris Ludvigs, Jānis Apeinis, Rihards Mačanovskis, Romāns Poļisadovs