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Jūrmala Festival. Georgian Polyphonic Chants

The Georgian National Opera and Ballet Theatre’s of Tbilisi ensemble “Suliko”

Georgian traditional polyphonic compositions

On 16 July, the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre ensemble “Suļiko” will perform Georgian traditional polyphonic singing. The unique Georgian tradition of polyphonic singing is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List – it existed before the introduction of Christianity and is still an integral part of Georgian culture today. The generosity of the Georgian heart, the spiritual strength and the majesty of the Caucasus Mountains, which transcend the every day with their divine beauty, can be heard in their chants. Men’s vocal ensemble “Suļiko” will perform polyphonic chants of Georgian spiritual and folk music, as well as Georgian romances and urban folklore melodies at Jūrmala Festival.

Founded in 2007, most of the members are leading soloists of Tbilisi Opera House. During its activity, the ensemble has successfully performed in the United States, France, Switzerland, Greece, the Baltic states, Germany, Tunisia and elsewhere. The repertoire of the ensemble is distinguished by its variety and different genres. They sing classical opera, choral music, folk songs, urban folklore and romances, church chants, hymns, as well as programmes with instrumental accompaniment.