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Journey with Andrejs Osokins and Katrīna Gupalo

At a time when the whole world is experiencing a global pandemic and many areas are struggling to survive, creative ways to continue to develop and operate are increasingly being identified. In search of the best solutions to this situation, a new and special collaboration has emerged between musician Katrīna Gupalo, pianist Andrejs Osokins and Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga, who have created a new cycle of concert stories “Journey”.

"The idea of ​​this cycle of concert stories originated at a time when the availability of art and travel is very limited, but people's desire to learn and have fun has not disappeared anywhere. We want to give the locals the opportunity to experience a real feeling of vacation and to go on an exciting “journey” with the world experience of both artists and the international Kempinski group quality label, Līva Laiviņa, Public Relations Manager of the Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga.

"We are excited about the opportunity to support the hospitality industry and hope that other musicians and artists will continue this idea," reveals singer Katrīna Gupalo.

"This strange time is a test for many, so it is especially important to help each other and find more and more new and interesting ways to develop and address your listeners," adds pianist Andrejs Osokins.

The first concert of this cycle of concert stories on October 23 with the program "Concert - Meditation" will be performed by the outstanding pianist Andrejs Osokins, during which he will have the opportunity to experience the state of flight and flow in the presence of meditative piano music. The musician invites you to give in to the miraculous power of music and experience such a fusion with a moment that you forget your daily worries and anxieties and can only give in to inspiration. The program will feature music by Frederic Chopin, Raimonds Tiguls, Peter Vasks, Arvo Pert, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Philip Glass and Claude Debussy.

On November 20, the concert of singer and pianist Katrīna Gupalo “7 Sad Stars and the Moon of Alabama” will take place, dedicated to the music of composer Imants Kalniņš. All compositions are performed by Katrīna Gupalo in her arrangements for voice and piano, created with great reverence for the composer's original versions of songs. Along with the very favorite songs of Imants Kalniņš, there will also be music created by Katrīna Gupalo herself, as well as compositions by Kurt Veil, Jim Morrison, Melania Safka and Ēriks Satī, who will interact and talk in a way.

On December 12, chanting Christmas time, the last concert of this cycle "From New York to Paris" will take place, where creative tandem Katrīna Gupalo and Andrejs Osokins will perform together, combining the brightest numbers from the concert performances "100 Years with Piaf" and "After Midnight / After Midnight ”. The program will include songs by Edith Piafa, Marilyn Monroe, Col Porter, Nina Simon, Julie London and Ella Fitzgerald, virtuoso jazz compositions by George Gershwin and exquisite Erika Sati music for piano solo, as well as music by the French Impressionist Claude Debussy.

After each concert, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a 3-course meal created especially for this event by Gokhan Kekec, the head chef of the hotel terrace bar-restaurant STAGE 22.