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Friends to Andrejs Žagars. VERDI Requiem

Asmika GRIGORJANA, soprano
Zanda SWEDE, mezzo-soprano
Dmitro POPOV, tenor
Edgars OŠLEJA, bass
State Academic Choir "Latvia"
Latvian National Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Andris POGA

In the concert "Friends to Andrejs Žagars", which has become a tradition, this time we will hear "Requiem" by the great Italian opera genius Giuseppe Verdi - a monumental piece of sacred vocal and instrumental music, in which the composer has poured all his talent as a genius melodist and master of dramaturgy of great musical forms.

Verdi's Requiem is dedicated to the memory of the Italian poet and novelist Alessandro Manconi (1785-1873), but it is not so much a mirror of eternal light as a dramatic opus of secular reflection, providing the listener with unforgettable moments of emotional experience.

Vidzemes koncertzāle CĒSIS
Cēsis, Raunas iela 12