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Conversation with Bach

Performers: Ieva Saliete (harpsichord), Matīss Čudars (guitar)
Programme: Music by Johann Sebastian Bach
What would Johann Sebastian Bach’s music sound like, if this incredibly gifted German Baroque composer had written it today? We can only imagine, however it is clear that there is a deep connection between his sometimes extremely multi-arrayed musical scores and contemporary jazz improvisations.

The stage rendezvous of the harpsichordist of Switzerland’s orchestra for Early Music Les Passions de l`Ame Ieva Saliete and the young guitarist Matīss Čudars is no coincidence. This will be a conversation in sound spanning centuries and borders, sometimes surprising with Bach’s bold and unusually free pursuits of musical expression, which quite often resonate with the modern man’s spiritual longings for the eternally beautiful and elusive. Inspired by Bach’s preludes and fantasias performed by Ieva Saliete, Matīss Čudars’ reflections on Bach will be released into the world by the string queen of the 21st century - the guitar.