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Closing concert. Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi

Closing concert. Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi
"The Festival of Ancient Music will close this year with Antonio Vivaldi's violin concerto cycle The Seasons, one of the most popular opuses of classical music, which has been performed and interpreted countless times all over the world. The four violin concertos in the cycle were first published in 1725 in a collection entitled A Contest of Harmony and Imagination. Indeed, this music is not lacking in harmony or imagination, for Vivaldi took great pleasure in drawing scenes from nature and everyday life, and in recording verbal transcriptions of them in the score.

With a thriving international career and a passionate tone, the youngest scion of the Balan dynasty has been living in London for several years, performing not only on world-famous stages, but also in places where there is no sign of elite glamour. The virtuoso artist has attracted particular attention for his insatiable desire to break down the boundaries between musical genres, sometimes replacing the classical violin with an electric one and playfully "refreshing" ancient values with elements of pop and rock music, thus earning the enthusiastic praise of even Sir Elton John himself! And alongside Vivaldi's repertoire of early and baroque music, the seasoned conductor Andris Veismanis and his experienced chamber orchestra will also highlight other gems from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Roberts Balanas, violin
Sinfonietta Riga
Conductor Andris Veismanis