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Three Comrades

The year is 1928 and, in some large German city, three young men are scraping together a meager existence fixing cars. Dissatisfaction with the living conditions, hunger, and an aggressive youth population are growing exponentially. Until now Robert, Gottfried, and Otto had found purpose in their lives and respite from the outside world through their friendship.

Robert: Antons Freimans, Raimonds Martinovs, Kristaps Jaunžeikars
Otto: Sergei Neikshin, Raimonds Martinovs, Aleksandrs Osadčijs
Gottfried : Viktors Seiko, Aeden William Conefrey
Patricia : Elza Leimane, Baiba Kokina, Yuliya Brauer
Dr. Jaffe: Ringolds Žigis
Murderer: Avetik Karapetyan