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Romeo and Juliet

The cynical jester of the dissolute hedonist duke has a secret – his beloved daughter Gilda. The duke, for whom sanctity does not exist, seduces young maiden. Deeply hurt, her father’s revenge turns back on himself… Opera Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi earned resounding success already in its Venice premiere in 1851 and love of the public has only increased ever since, elevating this masterpiece into the ranks of the most recognized operas of the world.

This staging of Rigoletto in Latvian National Opera will present opera director Margo Zālīte, master’s program graduate from Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin, to our opera audiences.

Rigoletto: Samsons Izjumovs, Armands Siliņš
Gilda: Olga Pudova, Inga Šļubovska, Julija Vasiljeva
Duke of Mantua: Rame Lahaj, Raimonds Bramanis