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Ballet Festival

5. oktobris Izstādes “Latvijas Nacionālā baleta simtgades lidojums” atklāšana
plkst. 17.00, Mencendorfa nams, Rīga

7. oktobris Festivāla atklāšana – Labdarības koncerts,
plkst. 17.00, T/C Origo, Rīga

7.oktobris Baleta kino nakts “Latvijas baleta kods”:
– “Dzīve baletā – 80.gadu Latvijas baleta zvaigznes”,
režisore Agita Cāne
– “Dānija – Latvijai” - dokumentāls vēstījums par labdarības koncertu
Tivoli koncertzālē Kopenhāgenā ar Latvijas baleta māksliniekiem visas pasaules,
režisore Laima Žurgina
plkst. 19.00, “Splendid Palace”, Rīga

13. oktobris “The Loft”, Jo Stromgrena modernā baleta kompānija (Norvēģija),
plkst. 20.00, Nacionālā opera un balets Jaunā zāle, Rīga

15. oktobris “The Loft”, Jo Stromgrena modernā baleta kompānija (Norvēģija),
plkst. 19.00, Preiļu novada Riebiņu kultūras nams, Riebiņi

21. oktobris “Romeo and Juliet”, Quorum Ballet modernā baleta kompānija (Portugāle)
plkst. 19.00, Latgales vēstniecība “GORS,” Rēzekne

23. oktobris Quorum Ballet modernā baleta kompānija (Portugāle)

24. oktobris “Romeo and Juliet”, Quorum Ballet modernā baleta kompānija (Portugāle)
plkst. 19.00, VEF Kultūras pils, Rīga

28. oktobris Koncertprogramma “Vārds Latvijas jaunajiem horeogrāfiem”,
plkst. 19.00, Teātra nams “Jūras vārti”, Ventspils

29. oktobris Kino seanss “Nakts ar Balerīnu”
plkst. 20.00, “Splendid Palace”, Rīga

The idea for the International Baltic Ballet Festival, which took place in Latvia for the first time in 1996, came to ballet prima, choreographer and producer Lita Beiris in Copenhagen in 1995. There, at the famous Tivoli Hall, a charity concert that was well received by the audience became the idea for the International Baltic Ballet Festival (IBBF). Its main idea and motto is "From classical to avant-garde!"

According to the festival's artistic director and organiser Lita Beiris, she wanted to take ballet beyond the usual stage, to show the diverse expressions of dance, the interaction of different genres, to make us look at the usual from an unusual angle. The first successes already encouraged her to continue this work.

Over the years, SBBF has become an internationally renowned festival, with many world-famous stars from America, Europe, Asia and, of course, our neighbouring countries. This festival is a great opportunity for the audience to see performances, artists performing in the most prestigious concert halls and festivals in the world. Masterclasses are organised for young Latvian dancers.

Artists have danced not only on the stages of theatres or concert halls, but also in the most unusual places. For several years, the festival has opened with dance performances at the Riga Railway Station. Over the years, the festival's companies and artists have performed not only in Riga, but also in other Latvian cities.

Festival Director Lita Beiris admits that in order to organise such a large-scale international festival, it is often necessary to find a solution to seemingly hopeless situations, but the satisfaction that comes from the feedback and emotions of the audience and participants gives strength to the whole SBBF team to continue this tradition.