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Michelangelo. Gustav Klimt. Multimedia exhibition

If you managed to visit the sensational multimedia exhibition “The Great Modernists. From Monet to Kandinsky”, you will definitely be glad to know that now. in the very heart of Riga, on Skolas Street 2, a three-story modern art center DIGITAL ART HOUSE will open its doors.

You will be able to not only enjoy the exhibitions of the world's greatest artists, but also immerse yourselves in interactive installations and virtual reality, plunge into history during education events, and discuss what you saw in the restaurant with live music.

In the frames of the closed show, two grand multimedia exhibitions will be demonstrated - “Michelangelo. Creation of the World ”and“ Gustav Klimt. With love until death." You will have a unique opportunity to see three-dimensional models of sculptures, large-scale murals in the smallest details, take a virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel and plunge into the era of the High Renaissance.

“For the opening of the center, we wanted to pick up something truly incredible in its splendor, which is why the choice fell on Michelangelo and, in particular, on the Sistine Chapel, which is visited by about 10,000 people every day. Unfortunately, the height at which the frescoes are located does not allow us to fully appreciate the work of the great master. However, the guests of our event will have such an opportunity - they will be able to enjoy not only the beauty of the legendary frescoes and sculptures, but also feel the scale of the titanic work of Michelangelo, Huge screens, VISUAL360 technology and accompaniment in the form of music by Bach, Handel and Mozart immerses the viewer in the world of the legendary Renaissance creator.”