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Elkor Gift Shop

The largest souvenir and gift shop in Latvia - ELKOR Gift Shop with gross site area of 490 m2in the historic building located in the very heart of Riga on Brīvības bulvāris 19 right next to the Freedom Monument from where a magnificent view to the Basteja bulvāris.

Latvia-produced tablecloths, napkins, towels, curtains, pillows and knitted garments from natural materials - linen, cotton and wool are widely represented. A wide selection of amber jewelry, masterpieces of Latvian Painting, Latvian Ceramic articles, soaps and decorative candles produced in Latvia, delicacies and sweets from local producers, world famous Riga Black Balsam, Latvian sprats and delicious Latvian honey are offered for guests of capital. A wide range of Latvian home-produced wines for festive table, romantic evening or other special moment in your life is offered.

Wide selection of Latvia-produced educational toys, wooden toys, and stitched, knitted, or other way made dolls and items available for toddlers. Each item presented in store ELKOR Gift Shop is handmade by outstanding masters and is unique! Here you will find everything your heart desires!