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12.00 -23.00
Sat. Sun. 12.00-23.00
Two-storey traditional Bavarian Tudor style home restaurant in a beautiful National Romanticism house in the centre of Riga. The upper floor works as a restaurant, the cellar as a huge bar. The menu is a mix of the most juicy, mainly meat dishes from German and Latvian cuisine. Pork legs, ribs, German sausages, Tyrolean meals, also Latvian traditionals. And of course the main attraction– Alķīmiķis, our favourite and so far the most consistent Latvian craft beer, keeping made right here: IPAs, double IPAs, stouts, porters, Belgians, Saisones etc. Funkiest, whimsy lable illustration designs, heartiness and local ingredient power and unbeatable expertise of the chef-brewer Gordon VanHoutan /USA/. Bombastic!