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Thai Spice Fusion

Fri 11.00-23.00
Sat 12.00-23.00
Sun 12.00-22.00
As yet the only European branch of Thai Spice Fusion (the first is in Tokyo) it is family owned and will be appreciated by Thai cuisine experts and those who would like to explore an authentic treat! Nuey, the open-hearted and welcoming Thai owner, uses only genuine products, supplied from Thailand, without any pre-prepared or powdered mixes, all ingredients are freshly fused and cooked in the wok pans right before you. Nuey specialises in Central and Eastern Thailand cuisine, some of the recipes are inherited from her mother and grandmother! Choose the level of spiciness for your creamy-aromatic Tom Yum, Tom Tha Ghai soup, try also the house specialty: Pad Thai and Massaman curry. Many vegetarian/vegan options. Thai ice coffee and Thai ice tea, also Thai-minded alcoholic cocktails with mango and kiwi. Masterclasses on appointment.