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Per Se

Shortlisted in the White Guide Nordic and deservingly so, Per Se, meaning ‘by itself’ in French, stands apart from the other gourmet establishments. The young, but already renowned Chef Alexander Andreyeff, carefully selects in-season local farmers produce to highlight the taste of undisputed world haute cuisine classics such as pacific yellowfin tuna, Danish pike perch, Argentinian prawns, New Zealand lamb and adds an elegant authors’ twist. Their award-winning sommelier, Arthur Zinoviev, has assembled the wine selection of more than 400 micro supplier names, including eco, bio dynamic and kosher, many available by the glass and paired impeccably. The location is core Art Nouveau Old Riga centre, contempo interior is awe-inspiring. Start your sampling with their gourmet business lunch. Fairly priced, relaxed, splendid dining gem!