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Fabrikas Restorāns

Fri, Sat 11.00-24.00
The legendary Fabrikas Restorans, beloved by local politicians and previously owned by the Latvian Minister of Foreign Affairs, is now reborn in an even more exquisite demeanour. New turbo-enthusiastic businessmen brought Jamie Oliver’s sous chef Heri Fitriyanto to Riga, to become Fabrika’s chef. His seasonal Asian-Latin fusion, small a la carte lifts Riga’s gastronomy to a new level. Seafood, lamb, seasonal vegetables are prepared using wok, grill and induction techniques in an incredible fusion manner. If you are tired of the usual European cookery– this is the place! Not to forget one of the best Daugava river and Riga silhouette view, through the glass walls, from the upper cobbled street and intimate floating terraces. Black’n’white loft interior, conscientious service.