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After spending decade, working in the deluxe (also Michelin-awarded) international restaurant businesses, brother and sister returned to their hometown to combine their expertise for the marvellous, one-of-a-kind, contemporary, yet fully authentic Japanese Robata Grill restaurant. Eco-minimalistic, two-storey premises are the genuine Zen shrine for the gourmet Japanese gastronomy. Each and every furniture and interior piece is developed in cooperation with owners and hand crafted by local artisan Verners Kalacis. The other highly expertised compatriot, Uvis Janičenko (worked in three Michelin star Japanese restaurant in Tokyo) has become a brand chef. Witness the meticulous preparation of your delicate and subtle nigiri, sashimi, tempura and of course robatayaki on their open kitchen, or/and descend to the lower floor for the biggest choice of Japanese craft beer and quality selection of sake in Riga. They also fuse signature Japanese-themed cocktails with choya, shiso, yuzu and sake. What to say, Mariah Carey was late for her own gig in Riga, because she couldn't get enough of COD. Top-notch!