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Julijs Pumpurs

After establishing half a dozen restaurants since 2004 in Riga and Venezuela, travelling around the world in gastronomical and aesthetic exploration, Dāvis Auškāps’ professional personality channeled into Julijs Pumpurs’ mid-century chic interior, cosmo-vibe and ingredient natural taste-oriented gourmet. Feel the two kinds of ambience. The day menu includes a speedy self service salad buffet: the first part is DIY from fresh ingredients, the second—ready made creative salads. Complement them with day soup and/or pasta and home-baked cakes. In the evening, a la carte menu by Māris Skaistkalns: assembled from small slow-food, also sous vide gourmet fish/meat/very keen vegetarian dishes, made-to share, and amazing author’s cocktails. Perfect city concept: fresh, creative, satisfactory, cosmopolitan, yet not snobbish! Bravo!