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This year, SURVIVAL KIT 9, the biggest annual contemporary art exhibition in the Baltics, presents 24 internationally recognized, as well as emerging young artists. Among the works are both internationally known as well as specially commissioned new pieces aimed at broadening the perception of the world and learning from nature.

The exhibition will run from 8 September to 1 October in the former building of the University of Latvia Faculty of Biology on Kronvalda bulvāris 4.

The title of this year's SURVIVAL KIT – Becoming an Apricot * an Apple * a Crow * a Tree * a Cockroach * a Glacier * a Plant * a Mushroom * a Shell * a Bird * Algae – was inspired by a series of watercolours by internationally recognized artist Maria Thereza Alves, This is Not an Apricot, which will also be part of the exhibition. Alves is among the internationally best known artists who works with the problematics of environment and globalisation and questions related to human intervention in nature.