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“Caterpillars” is a show for kids of age 4 to 99. It is a little magical and weird dream, where stage is filled by colours, funny events – flutter of butterfly wings, big flowers, jumping eggs and two giant, plump caterpillars. This fantasy world is grounded heavily in reality by two less-than-capable puppeteers.

The performance of Kallo Collective is so devoted and expressive that you forget it is nonverbal.

Caterpillars is a physical comedy based loosely on the life cycle of two personified caterpillars/butterflies. This is the first Kallo Collective show targeted for children, although the style stays true to the company’s universal style and crosses all age and language barriers. The show is created by Thom Monckton, who visited Latvia in 2017 with his witty show “Only Bones”.

Awards: Auckland Fringe Awards – Best Production – Theatre
Auckland Fringe Awards – Best Costume

Age: 4+
Length of the show: 45 minutes

Created by Jenni Kallo and Thom Monckton
Directed by Thom Monckton
Costume TAUKO
Light Design Elina Nopanen
Sound Design Eilyas X

On stage in Riga: Jenni Kallo un Sakari Saikkonen.
Technical support in Riga: Ville Lamminmäki
ZUZEUM Lāčplēša iela 101