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Moving Photography Vika Eksta

Photography exhibition “Moving Photography” featuring works by Latvian photographer Vika Eksta will be exhibited from 17th August in Latvian Museum of Photography.

Animated photography exhibition “Moving Photography” helps to study, interpret and improve the current exhibition of historical photography of the Latvian Museum of Photography, which is devoted to the development of photography media, by supplementing it with contemporary content. Animated photographs were taken while the author was working on objects exhibiting at the museum's permanent exhibition and with the museum staff, creating moving images in which these objects and people appear in the main role, thus, both reflecting on the media and technical development of photography, as well as allowing the viewer to see the historical exhibition “anew”.

In 2015, Vika Eksta began experimenting with an animated photography and since then worked intensively by designing, exploring and displaying this type of image. The animated GIF-formatted photo has entered the world of art in the last couple of years and has already started appearing in visual art exhibitions in different countries. The author has exhibited her animated photographs in exhibition spaces (Riga Art Space within the Riga Photography Biennial, Festival “Circulations” in Paris, Biennale “Fashion and Style in Photography” in Moscow), and created a major online exhibition called “Snakes and Ladders” in co-operation with curator Paolo Paleari, Riga Photography Biennial and online gallery AsaNisiMasa. The exhibition was opened on 8th April 2017 and can be viewed online: http://www.anmgallery.com/snakes-and-ladders/.

Vika Eksta (b. 1987) is a visual artist and educator based in Riga. She studied photography at Andrejs Grants’ photo studio and EFTI Photography School (Madrid). She holds a BA in Film Theory and a MA in Visual Communication from Latvian Academy of Art. Her work has been exhibited in Latvia and internationally since 2014. In 2016, she received the ADC Young Guns Award and the Riga Photography Biennial Award for young Baltic photographers.