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History of the Photo Club Riga

The Latvian Museum of Photography invites you to learn about the oldest photo club in Riga which notes the 55th anniversary this year. The exhibition aims to provide an insight into the history of Latvia's most significant photo club during the 2nd part of the 20th century and to display the works of its members.

The exhibition is divided into two parts – the history of the club and the original works of the members. The establishment of the photo club and the main pillars of the operation are illustrated by means of information material, different items (medals, trophy cups), printed materials (exhibition catalogues, posters, invitations), as well as photos, videos and club member original works depicting the activities of the club. Most often their works include portraits, landscapes, nudes, Riga scenes. In many of the works various special techniques have been used like solarisation, isohel, montage, and graphics.

The project “History of the Photo Club “Riga”” reflects the history of Latvian photography which is an important part of the recent past of Riga's cultural and artistic life. The development of the photo club over time shows the opportunities photographers had in Riga, be it the efforts of self-taught amateurs or international recognition. The Photo Club “Riga” was established in 1962. In no time the group of fellow photographers became an association of photographic artists where the following remarkable artists were engaged: Gunārs Binde, Jānis Gleizds, Leonīds Tugaļevs, Vilhelms Mihailovskis, Valdis Brauns, Egons Spuris (his work is included in the Latvian Cultural Canon) and many more. Not only did the members of the club contribute to the education of photographers and society in the field of fine art photography, but also made Riga known throughout the Soviet Union and beyond as a city of art and culture. During the 55 years of the operation of the Photo Club “Riga”, approximately 400 people from Riga have been working there, but the number of people who participated in the activities of the club is significantly higher.

During the course of the exhibition, the Latvian Museum of Photography is also planning to organize discussion evenings on the Photo Club “Riga”. These events will be hosted by Daiga Jamonte, expert of the Photography Museum, author of the exhibition project and researcher of the history of the club.