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Mitrofan Pyatnitsky State Academic Russian Folk Chorus

The world's most famous folk choir from Russia. Powerful and unique voices in a concert programme accompanied by the folk instruments' orchestra and enthusiastic dancing.

Uncommon choir, musicians and dance group keep the historical memory of the unique and only performance style and one-of-a-kind repertoire characteristic for the Pyatnitsky Chorus. The high culture of choral singing has been appreciated all over the world. In 2011 M. Y. Pyatnicky Chorus has celebrated its centenary. Mitrofan Pyatnitsky founded his choir in 1911. At that time, a musician from the Voronezh province was looking all around the remote rural areas for talented singers, along with finding songs. 100 years ago the choir consisted of just 18 people, but over time the number of performers has increased significantly, with a dance group and folk instruments' orchestra joining in. Now the team includes more than 80 performers, among whom there are many prestigious competitions' and multiple awards' winners.

Every year the choral team is enriched with the new talents – singers, musicians and dancers providing the audience with the world-class magnificent concert programmes.

This team's trademark lays in the principal singers' unique voices. Just as unusual as attractive is the choir's costume culture. Nowadays, the choir has become the Mitrofan Pyatnitsky peasant choir, dressing up in pinafores and jackets, but dressing heads with simple headscarves or kokoshniks. Costumes do not steal attention, but stress each artist's emotional mood. The guys on stage are always wearing only white shirts. Everything is beautiful, reserved and elegant. The Pyatnicky Chorus has already long ago become a true and natural symbol of Russia.

The concert is supported by the Russian Federation Embassy in Latvia, Culture Capital Foundation, the "Uralhim" and "Severstal" companies. The main information partner -- the First Baltic Channel.