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Time can not be stopped.

However it can be manipulated, seen, discovered. You can hear it, count it and feel it.

This timeless unity of charitable people will be celebrated at the K.K fon Stricka villa, where the audience will be able to experience the birth of a pleasant winterly mood.

The vocal and instrumental music composed by Rihards Dubra, Pēteris Vasks and J. S. Bach, the graphic design and special effects of Māris Subačs, which will be converted into a video format by -8 (Andris Vētra), and the voice of Varis Piņķis will create a unique atmosphere in both time and place.

Every audience member will be invited to attend the lounge of treats and good thoughts before the concert. Entrance from 7 PM.

The main impulse for THE BEGINNING is a child, whose arrival to our world is not only a new beginning for themselves, but for others as well. By cooperating with the Children’s Hospital Foundation all incoming funds from ticket sales will be directly donated to support children with a very limited lifespan. Ticket prices – 10 or 15 EUR. Tickets are available at eKase.lv and various other sales venues. SUPPORTERS

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PRESENTER Varis Piņķis.
INSTRUMENTALS Matīss Čudars (guitar), Agnese Egliņa (piano), Toms Rudzinskis (saxophone), Agate Ozoliņa (cello).
VISUAL EFFECTS Māris Subačs (design), -8 (video)
VOCALS Aldis Andersons, Ilze Bērziņa, Normunds Ķirsis, Inga Martinsone, Līga Paegle, Iveta Romancāne (sextet from Latvian Radio Choir).
LIGHTING Mārtiņš Feldmanis.