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LINDA / ЛИНДА. Live show & Afterparty

Dear friends! The concert agency «Platon Entertainment» is proud to present a special event. This fall, you will meet with a legendary singer, who without exaggeration is a symbol of an era. November 2 in the club "Studio 69" the only concert of a unique and almost mystical Linda will take place!

The 90`s in the post-Soviet space passed under the accompaniment of her songs. Such hits as "Few of Fire", "Never", "North Wind", "Crow", "Marijuana" sounded then literally from everywhere. Almost for every Russian-speaking person Linda's songs are youth, or childhood. Do not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the main Russian singer of the 90's!

P.S. An excellent reason to linger after the concert is a bright and unforgettable Afterparty! Stunning Go-Dance-Girls guarantee explosive energy on the dance floor. The most provocative and shocking couple of DJ`s will provide incendiary hits. Their names are DJ Forsage and Topless DJ Aurika! Each of their performances is a genuine pleasure not only for hearing, but also for the eyes!

P.P.S Pleasant bonus: the cost of "Afterparty" is already included in the ticket price for a concert of Linda!