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XIV Kremerata Baltica Festival Opening Concert. Viva MOZART!

Performers: Kristīne Gailīte (soprano), Eva Bindere (violin), Santa Vižine (viola), Reinut Tepp (organ), Kremerata Baltica orchestra, Riga Cathedral Girls Choir Tiara, conductor Martynas Stakionis

Programme: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Arvo Pärt Kremerata Baltica and Gidon Kremer continue their celebrations of their 20th and 70th anniversaries, respectively, all year long at their summer residence in Dzintari, where the legendary violinist spent his childhood, listening to grand artists and beginning his music path.

It seems like the brilliant spirit of the music by Mozart is especially suited for a festival. Sinfonia concertante, the spectacular jewel for violin and viola will be brought to the audience by Eva Bindere, the highly-experienced 1st violin player in Kremerata and Santa Vižine, the viola player who will soon enough continue her music career in one of the most excellent orchestras in the world – the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam. Meanwhile, Adagio and Fugue in C minor will reveal the genius Baroque Austrian in dramatic colours. Flying polyphony and warm lyricism in Mozart's Little Mass by Kristīne Gailīte, the intense soprano, and the new Lithuanian talent, conductor – Martynas Stakionis. As well as an unusual meeting of the Western and Eastern cultures in Orient&Occident, a piece by the alchemist of silence, Estonian, Arvo Pärt.