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In one programme, you will hear the forgotten, the unknown and the classic. Modernist composer Imants Mežaraups, who passed away prematurely, describes his trio, “The listener is not sidelined; the piece contains both contemporary and romantic elements.” Dan Visconti is a young American composer who likes to swim against the current. His unusual music is thoroughly influenced by different Northern American cultures. His piece Lonesome Roads has no set order. Instead, the composer encourages the performance of the seven parts in the order that best reflects how the trio’s musicians have envisaged their journey across America’s loneliest roads. The highlight of the concert is Shostakovich’s Piano Trio No. 2 – a heartfelt tribute to the memory of his close friend Ivan Sollertinsky, a genius cultural historian.
Indulis CINTIŅŠ, violin
Dace ZĀLĪTE, cello
Mārtiņš ZILBERTS, piano

Dan Visconti Lonesome Roads
Imants MEŽARAUPS Piano Trio no.1
Dmitry Shostakovich Piano Trio no.2