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Contemporary Dance Company De Facto et Formation /France/

rn in Lyon in 2002 at the initiative of Aurélien Kairo, Compagnie De Fakto has several creations to his credit. All issues of the hip-hop culture that is the basis of his work and often also mime, Aurélien Kairo seeks to defend each time a strong and daring artistic project.

Thus, after "D.Connecté" in 2003, piece for four beatboxer dancers, built around the relations between men and women, De Fakto leaves the trays to rub the asphalt of cities with, in 2005, a fantasy danced around the eternal characters street arts: "The Hip Hop Saltimbanques".

In 2007, it is one of the portraits danced in "Les Hip Hop Saltimbanques" and the desire to work on the universe, texts and music of Jacques Brel who are at the origin of the solo "J'arrive! ". The play is a great success and is still running around the world today, having exceeded 250 performances.

Since 2008, a strong collaboration with the workshops Frappaz CNAREP of Villeurbanne (National Center of the Arts of the Street and the Public Space) allows several creations dedicated to the public space to see the day: the spectacles "The beautiful case" in 2008 and "The Little Street Ball" in 2011, the participatory ball "La Funk Mobile" in 2015 and the dance conference "The Hip Hop for Dummies" in 2017.

From 2011 to 2016, Aurélien Kairo was also associate artist at the House of Culture of Nevers, which allowed him to create four choreographic works in direction of the theaters: "N, the dancing star", and "Corpus" around the works of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, "The nina of the azul casa" inspired by the figure of Frida Kahlo, "A small step of two on his steps" in the footsteps of Bourvil.

From the beginning, the Compagnie De Fakto has been a favorite with young and old at events such as the Biennale de la Danse de Lyon parade and several hip hop festivals. She also works extensively with school and socio-cultural structures through hip hop dance initiation workshops, which are linked to the company's creations.

Since 2017, the Compagnie De Fakto is in residence on the City of Feyzin (69), in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, and has a place in the center of 3 Cherry trees.

It is in these same premises that the Training ID (Dancer Interpreter), founded by Karla Pollux and Aurélien Kairo in 2017, is held. A 900-hour pedagogical and artistic teaching program for a hip hop dancer wishing to become professional in the field of live performance.

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