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Alla Duhova TODES Ballet


“In a fusion of ballet, modern dance, and hip hop, Alla Duhova’s ballet “TODES” is remarkable!” - Monte Carlo Globe

For over 20 years, this planet of dance is headed by the incomparable Alla Duhova - the creator, choreographer and permanent leader of this large collective. With 70 Dance full fledged dance academies across Russia and Cypress, and over 8000 Students. Having started as a small dance group to back up the shows of pop stars, her small TODES group grew to become the Empire of Dance in Russia and now across the globe.

Very often in her interviews, Alla says that her ballet company is her eldest child. When born, it got the name TODES, which is the name of one of the most dangerous elements in figure skating. Nowadays, TODES tours all over the world. The famous company has received thunderous ovations from audiences in America, Australia, Israel, France, China, Bulgaria, Spain, South Korea, and Germany. While winning awards at numerous International Dance Festivals, TODES also takes part in many charity events. One of the highlights was with working with the late and beloved Michael Jackson in Seoul, Korea and Munich, Germany in a production entitled “Michael and Friends.”